CEDI HYDRO AS is a Norwegian consultancy company operating out of Poland, offering consultant services within Hydropower development and rehabilitation. The company’s expertise and competence is based upon  Mads Grahl-Madsen and his 30 years experience from hydropower and offshore oil and gas technology, both in Norway and internationally.


Why operate out of Poland? The obvious answer is that Mads Grahl-Madsen lives there together with his family. The other answer is that the necessary competence in the engineering staff is not easily available in Norway which is short of engineers, while Poland and the area around  Krakow have a high surplus of competent engineers within all engineering disciplines. The costs in Poland is also considerably lower than in Norway, which results in lower prices offered for the services. The Krakow area also have good frequent connections to Norway, and the use of digital technologies enable us to give an efficient and good service to Norwegian customers.


CEDI Hydro As has from operating not only in Norway but also in Poland and other European countries acquired knowledge and competence within technologies that is not commonly used in Norway, but would increase the performance and profitability of Small Hydro Power plants in Norway. This technologies are by all means proven, but is mainly adopted into Hydropower from other engineering disciplines.


CEDI HYDRO AS  was former MiniHydro Technology AS, but changed the name as Mads Grahl-Madsen bought out Minihydro from the company.

Concept Off River SHPP in Poland

Variable Speed Propeller turbine

Conceptual SHHP for low and medium head applications, based upon  parametric design and prefabrication.


Intake with trash screen and gate








Power House

Real-time control system ensuring optimal efficiency at all times. Diagnostic capabilities


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